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Der Fischladen

One fish restaurant, many options

Fischrestaurant Berlin


In our restaurant area "Links vom Fischladen" you can sit in an elegant atmosphere and catch a glimpse of the outside through the large window front.

In front of the restaurant you will find a nice outdoor area.

Fischrestaurant Berlin



For those who like it more lively, we have tables in our snack bar next to the fresh fish counter and with a view into the open kitchen.

Fresh fish rolls to go with bismarck, matjes, fried fish, smoked and graved salmon.

Fischrestaurant Berlin


Our cosy and newest addition to the Fischladen family is the area "Rechts vom Fischladen".  


A small, cosy room with a window front and great outdoor seats in the semi-shade.

Fisch Berlin


Original Fish & Chips

with cod, plaice or red mullet

Royal Fish & Chips

with Norwegian salmon

VIP Fish & Chips

with cod fillet and chips drizzled with truffle oil and grated parmesan

Berlin Style Fish & Chips

made from Wels fish and served with Berlin Curry Ketchup & dusted with Curry Powder

Shrimp & Firey Chips

prawns in a spicy batter served with chips sprinkled with Chipotle sauce and chili flakes

Jacobs Fish & Chips

scallops fried in our homemade batter served with sweet potato fries and grilled samphire

Lachs Berlin


Berliner Bouillabaisse

Traditional Hamburg Style Fried Fish

Matjes Herring Selection

Spaghetti Frutti di Mare

Crispy Cod Burger

Tuna and Salmon Steak

Fried Trout

Sea Bream Royal

Fish Rolls

Fisch und Meeresfrüchte


The Fischladen Tower

A selection of our homemade herring salads, smoked fish, Fish & Chips, served with our selection of sauces and garlic bread. 

Best of British

fried in our English Batter served with traditional ‘Chip Shop’ chips, sweet potato fries and our sauce selection and Sarson’s English Malt Vinegar 

Fish Platter

grilled and crispy fried battered seasonal fish fillets, grilled calamari & prawns, samphire, served with pan fried potatoes, thick cut chips, crispy salad, garlic bread 


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