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It has long been no secret: climate change is progressing faster and faster and the demand for sustainably produced food is increasing. We think that it is therefore becoming more and more important for the gastronomy to conserve certain resources.

We support various manufacturing companies in our immediate vicinity and specifically increase our quality awareness.

With us you not only enjoy delicious food & drinks, you also protect the environment. 

Fischrestauarnt Berlin


The regional brand "Die Müritzfischer" is the largest inland fishing company in Germany and has inspired us with its traditional fishing in the fishing areas around the Müritz.

Traditional fishing, fish farming and aquaculture and modern processing.

Despite extensive modernisation, much of the old romanticism of lake fishing has been preserved. Even today the fishermen go out with their boats at sunrise and cast their nets so that we can enjoy freshly caught fish.

In our Fischladen you can buy trout, char, pike-perch and Müritz salmon.

Fish - Water - Passion - Tradition

Fischrestauarnt Berlin



The Fischladen has committed itself to the purchase of sustainably farmed fish and in return has become a fish shareholder.



Planning, breeding, serving. The first fish share in Germany.

Our fish are bred in a pond in Sarlhusen in Schleswig Holstein. The waters feed from natural sources and the fish get enough time to gain weight naturally and have enough space to swing their fins and move around.

In the Fischladen you can get gold trout and char.

Directly from the pond to your plate

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